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Conservatorio di Musica L. Boccherini

The Instituto Musicale di Lucca (Lucca’s Music Institute) was established by Giovanni Pacini in 1842, with the protection and consent of Duke Carlo Lodovico who was a composer  himself. In the years when Puccini attended it, was situated in Piazza Santa Maria Forisportam, on the premises of the old monastery attached to the Church of San Ponziano.



ADDRESS: Piazza del Suffragio

TEL: 0583 464104




Since 1843 onwards, Michele Puccini, Giacomo's father, had held various positions and professorships there, eventually becoming its teacher of Counterpoint, Composition and Director in 1862.

Giacomo Puccini's education began in 1868 and ended in 1880 with a diploma in composition and in the course of his studies he attended classes in violin, piano and vocal exercise, practical harmony, organ, composition and counterpoint with teachers who had been, in turn, students of his father, Michele Puccini.

Unlike the widespread stereotype of an undisciplined and mediocre pupil, we now know that Puccini's scholastic career at the Music Institute was studded with awards.
The Music Institute preserves many memories of Puccini: the piano and harmonium on which he took lessons, a valuable collection of youthful compositions (autographs and copies), some curious notebooks used at the Milan Conservatory (where Puccini continued his studies  from 1880 to 1883).

The Conservatory also owns most of the compositions of all of Giacomo's ancestors, personally donated by him in 1891 "wanting said music to be safe and under vigilant safeguard." The generous and far-sighted gesture is surely to be connected with Edgar's success at the Teatro del Giglio and the recognition bestowed on him by the city.

The current headquarters of Lucca’s Conservatory of Music, today dedicated to "Luigi Boccherini", is in Piazza del Suffragio.

The Conservatory, in addition to training and master classes, organises important musical seasons in the Suffragio Auditorium, featuring leading musicians from the international scene and participates, with its orchestra, in numerous events in collaboration with other city institutions and associations.