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MOON - Do you want the moon?

From the wall of Lucca to the Moon.

Moon in the city is the first walking tour with a real guide and an immersive experience of Virtual Reality dedicated to the story of the conquest of the sky: from the wall of Lucca to the moon landing. A journey through time and space, a cultural, innovative and scientific experience to discover the wall of Lucca and the Apollo 11 mission through Virtual Reality technology.

The story of the flight to the Moon with live music performed by the musicians of the Associazione Musicale Lucchese. "Take off" is programmed from Casermetta San Paolino, Baluardo San Paolino on the Urban Walls of Lucca, from 11 September to 4 October, from Thursday to Sunday, departing at 9:00 pm.

Each participant will be equipped with state-of-the-art Oculus viewers for Virtual Reality projected to immerse yourself in 360 ° environments flying in space and back in time to July 20, 1969, together with the Russian and American astronauts who first departed for the conquest of the sky. The ambient audio, inserted in the viewers, is an integral part of the experience.

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luna piena sulle mura di lucca

Ogni tour rispetterà le regole per la tutela della salute pubblica: distanziamento sociale e igienizzazione dei visori e delle mani all’inizio e alla fine di ogni percorso. La conformazione dei visori permette inoltre la visione dell’esperienza anche utilizzando gli occhiali da vista.