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Lucca Gustosa 24

The rediscovery of our most important culinary traditions, but also a precious dialogue with other cultures and countries. A stage for a food and wine culture that enhances the flavours and delicacies from our territory and... international surroundings.

The tasty menu of Lucca Gustosa will involve many places in the city: Piazza Napoleone and Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, Palazzo Pretorio and Mercato del Carmine, for a weekend dedicated to taste and surprises.

All of the city's trade associations will be protagonists, with special initiatives aimed at fostering the delicacies and oldest culinary traditions from our territory.



The flavours of the countryside will converge in Piazza Anfiteatro, offering tastings of excellent local products.
The zuppa frantoiana PAT (frantoiana soup - traditional agricultural and food product) from the hills of Lucca,
the famous zuppa di farro (spelt soup) from Garfagnana,
necci (chestnut flour pastries) with ricotta cheese and the hill and mountain honey from Media Valle del Serchio.

By the associations
Piazza Anfiteatro
Free admission

Tastings on offer


Under the arcades of Palazzo Pretorio one of the most important novelties of the 2024 edition, a European corner by Lucca's twin cities that will offer their specialties and traditional products among stands and dedicated initiatives.
Get ready to "taste" the Alsatian Colmar and the Bavarian Schongau.

Together with them, another stand of international prominence, that of Destination Napoleon, dedicated to the Napoleonic cities, for a totally unprecedented interweaving of culture and food and wine.

By the Municipality of Lucca - twinning office in collaboration with the municipalities of Colmar and Schongau.
Arcades of Palazzo Pretorio
Free admission



Manifatture Sigaro Toscano invites you to join the Amici del Toscano Truck Club (Friends of Toscano Truck Club).
Two days of meetings, debates, culture and tastings.
Besides showcasing the pride of a two-century-long work thanks to the presence of the cigar makers of Manifattura di Lucca, there will be no shortage of opportunities to "roll" and retrace the histories of the cigar and the city, as well as trying Toscano cigars in all their combinations.

By Manifatture Sigaro Toscano
Piazza Napoleone

free admission (only adults allowed)



Piazza Napoleone will host a market of typical products with the presence of about 30 producers.

By Coldiretti, Confartigianato and CNA
Piazza Napoleone

Free admission



Small local producers will meet at Mercato del Carmine, Lucca's historic market where you will be able to find seasonal products straight from the field to the table.

By Mercato del Carmine
Free admission