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Murabilia 2023



The City walls of Lucca are ready to open the settembre lucchese event, celebrating flowers before the autumn comes.

Murabilia, a quality gardening market exhibition, is one of the most important Italian events dedicated to flowers, plants and gardening on the San Regolo and La Libertà bastions, as well as in the Botanical Garden.

Underground is the leitmotif of the 2023 edition which will be attended by about 200 Italian and foreign specialized nursery exhibitors with particular or newly introduced plants, old and new cultivars, equipment and furnishings with the Botanical Garden of Lucca as its central part, which houses in its spaces varied Exhibitions from international orchids to Lucca's horticultural varieties. 


Murabilia 1,2,3 september 2023 in lucca


Cosmofilla – Arte viva e vegeta – by Filippo Petrucci, Fabio Chessa and Lorenzo Antolini – casemate of the San Regolo bastion and the Botanical garden

R E G E N E R A T I O N – photographic exhibition of Dantés – casemate of the San Regolo bastion

Pomological exhibition: exhibition of historical cultivars of Italian fruits by Mauro Carboni. Casemate of the San Regolo bastion

Seguire le radici: il giardino di Central Park - Following the roots: the garden of Central Park – San Regolo bastion 

Botalia – exhibition of botanical painting: Simone Ciocca – new greenhouses of the Botanical Garden

A world of orchids - Exhibition of botanical species, natural and artificial hybrids from Italian collections - new greenhouses of the Botanical Garden

Ortuli of agrobiodiversity – Lucca horticultural varieties at risk of genetic erosion from the Tuscan regional repertoire – Botanical Garden


Murabilia, 1,2,3 september 2023 in lucca


A meeting place for enthusiasts and professionals in the sector Murabilia offers visitors a remarkable cultural, botanical and horticultural programme, with thematic exhibitions, conferences, publishing news, workshops open to all – on Friday 1, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 September 2023.

The official complete program is available on the website

Tickets are available also online on


Murabilia, Lucca 1,2,3 september 2023