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Dance Meeting is a series of events concerning the world of dance that involves over 1000 dancers, professionals and simple amateurs from all over the world. Possibility to participate in Competitions, Reviews, Master Classes, shows, internships, photographic exhibitions and meetings.

The old town center of Lucca, the show locations, but also the squares and historic shops are the stage of the event spreading in a peaceful invasion over the city.

Dance Meeting is organized by AED in collaboration with the City of Lucca, the Giglio theater, and the Boccherini Conservatory.


Saturday 26 June
10:00 am | Teatro del Giglio - Preliminaries Competition for Eurocity Soloists.
5:00 pm / 7:00 pm | Squares and shops in the historic center Auditorium Boccherini - Incursioni. Performance on the road.
6:00 pm | Palazzo Orsetti - Lucca Città Aperta. Guided tour of Palazzo Orsetti with Music and Dance by the Istituto Superiore Musicale Boccherini and the dancers of the Codarts of Rotterdam.

Sunday 27 June
10:00 am | Teatro del Giglio - Semifinals Competition for Eurocity Soloists.
4:30 pm / 6:30 pm | Squares and shops in the historic center, Auditorium del Suffragio - Incursioni. Performance on the road
5:00 pm | Teatro del Giglio - Talent on Stage.
9:00 pm | Teatro del Giglio - Final Show. The Finalists of the Competitions together with International Guests for a Fantastic Evening of Great Dance.

This is the program of the 29th edition

June 2 / 27, 2021
Start / End Time
Historical center - Lucca
Free admission

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