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A concert dedicated to Father Terenzio Zardini in the Cathedral of San Martino with the youth choir of, directed by maestro Paolo Facincani on Saturday 17 October at 9:00 pm. The event is organized with the collaboration of Giglio theater in Lucca and the youth choir of the Santa Cecilia Chapel directed by Sara Matteucci.

The concert program includes the performance of some sacred pieces composed by Father Terenzio including Bonus Pastor (1964), the Cantico di frate sole (1962), Alla Madre di Dio (1987), Inno al Verbo Salvatore (1998) and Ave verum corpus. The choir is accompanied by the voices of the soloists Maria Vittoria Caputo and Virginia Sollazzi Castagnetti. On the organ, Maestro Paolo Pachera.

Father Terenzio Zardini, was a musician and composer from Verona belonging to the Order of Minor Friars that was the musical heart of the Franciscan convent of San Bernardino in Verona for decades and professor of harmony at the citie's Conservatory.

October 17, 2020
Start / End Time
9:00 pm
Cattedrale di San Martino. Piazza Antelminelli - Lucca

Piazzetta Sant’Eufemia, 1 – Verona - FB / ALIVE.Accademia.Lirica.Verona
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