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piazza san martino in a painting by B.Bellotto

Appuntamenti con l'arte

After a year full of events, including the very successful exhibition "per sogni e per chimere" dedicated to Giacomo Puccini, the Fondazione Ragghianti is preparing the 2019 calendar full of news with two important and challenging exhibitions.

L'artista bambino

(The artist as a child). Childhood and primitivism in early twentieth century art, curated by Nadia Marchioni will be inaugurated in March.
Balla, Carrà, Soffici, Rosai, Garbari and many other important artists of the first decades of our twentieth century at a certain point of their research felt the urgency to "return to childhood", recovering in their works the freshness and freedom of childhood drawing, in a path that led them to approach the "spring" art. This is the theme of the exhibition, which explores the theme in an organic way, also investigating some of its antecedents.

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Bernardo Bellotto in Tuscany

is the title of the second exhibition curated by Bożena Anna Kowalczyk, which will open in October and will be open until January 2020.
Bellotto's journey in Tuscany, one of the most fascinating themes of eighteenth-century Tuscan landscape painting.
Bernardo Bellotto (1722-1780) a Venetian painter who received his artistic training in Canaletto's studio when the latter was at the height of his fame in the late 1830s.

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"Canaletto's legacy is the basis of all Bellotto's work," explains director of Fondazione Ragghianti, Paolo Bolpagni, "but as soon as he began to travel outside of Venice - and his trip to Tuscany is the first and fundamental in this regard - he accentuated and developed his own expressive style. The most recent archival studies have made it possible to date his Tuscan journey exactly. The rediscovered documentation also allows us to see Bellotto as a pioneer of landscape painting in Florence and Lucca in the service of the Tuscan aristocracy. The focus of this exhibition, curated by Bożena Anna Kowalczyk, who is one of the world's leading scholars of Canaletto and Bellotto, will be the nucleus of views of Lucca, with the painting depicting Piazza San Martino in the York City Art Gallery and the five drawings of different places around the cathedral and Santa Maria Forisportam lent by the British Library. This group of works, never exhibited together before - the drawings, glued in a 19th century album, will be detached for the first time - will provide exceptional documentation of the various topographical aspects of the city of Lucca. The aim is also to present, alongside the works of Lucca subjects, some of the known views of Florence and at least one of the drawings documenting Bellotto's visit to Livorno".

During 2019, other publications will be published by the Fondazione Ragghianti together with meetings, conferences, conventions and didactics.

(photocredits York City art Gallery - collezione Magri)