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I will tell you about Puccini

Some time ago we suggested a visit to small museums to avoid the cold weather and discover unexpected things.


This year, because of the particular situation, small museums come to your home in order to tell you more about their wonderful secrets.
The initiative is an idea of the "Piccoli Musei" association to end the year and Christmas holidays in the name of #chiusimanonfermi, with a marathon in the small museums of Italy on their you tube APM channel, giving life to a digital library of Small Museums with 350 audio and video works available anytime, even after the end of the initiative: a wonderful resource for everyone and, in particular, for those who love real and virtual traveling.


The Puccini Museum is one of 50 museums from 12 different regions that have already joined the initiative, in this particular situation following the #chiusimanonfermi (closed, but still active) due to the health emergency from Covid-19.
Small, but with a great story, the home of one of the greatest composers in the world houses letters, anecdotes, curiosities of this great character from Lucca now a world heritage, and welcomes you in six events not to be missed to discover the passions of Giacomo Puccini besides his music.


"Giacomo Puccini, non solo Musica. Le passioni di un compositore internazionale" (Giacomo Puccini, not just Music. The passions of an international composer) is the title of the six unmissable appointments with Giacomo Puccini also on Facebook / PucciniMuseum and on YouTube Puccini Museum, through many letters exposed or preserved in the museum archive or taken from Giacomo Puccini's Epistolary by the Giacomo Puccini Study Center, published by Olschki from Florence.


Giacomo Puccini's video stories are issued every Saturday, for 6 weeks, starting from 26 December on the facebook page and on the YouTube channel of the Puccini Museum.

This is the calendar of events:

December 26 | Giacomo Puccini e il mal del calcinaccio

2 January | "Lo strumento che amo di più dopo il pianoforte è il fucile". Giacomo Puccini e la caccia  

9 January | Puccini: un amore a scoppio!

16 January | Puccini world tour

23 January | Puccini e l'arte del vestire

30 January | "I soci del Club La bohème, giurano di bere bene e mangiare meglio"


All video-stories were realised by the staff of the Museum and of the Puccini Foundation during the lockdown period constantly working for this project. The list of all participating museums and the complete national calendar is available on