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Antonio Canova on display in Lucca


Once again the Cavallerizza in Lucca welcomes a major exhibition signed by Vittorio Sgarbi.

An evocative itinerary hosted in a city that experiences several epochs at the same time where Neoclassicism was able to express itself thanks to great artists, architects and urban planners.

Antonio Canova made the decisive technical and intellectual experiences that rendered him the greatest exponent of an art, i. e. the sculpture, whose primacy was restablished by Neoclassicism after the glorious period of Renaissance.

Co-protagonists of the exhibition dedicated to Antonio Canova, a universal icon of the New Classicism, are the most popular international exponents such as Francisco Goya and Francesco Hayez, as well as Tuscan and Lucca's masters of the same current.

Even in Lucca, the birthplace of neoclassical painters such as Pompeo Batoni, Bernardino Nocchi, and Stefano Tofanelli, like in the rest of Tuscany, Canova became the very emblem of Neoclassical Art, going so far as to influence its art, with his taste for perfect symmetries, soft and smooth surfaces, solemn and controlled poses, together with impassive expressions.

In Antonio Canova' s creative process, a major significance is attributed by the life-size plaster models that constitute the moment of transition between the initial ideational phase and the actual realization of the marble sculpture. Plaster is, in the artist's conception elaboration, the fragile and variable moment of feeling the body of the sculpture. They represent the most intimate and authentic phase of Antonio Canova' s artistic creation.

The Antonio Canova Museum in Possagno holds a priceless heritage belonging to the greatest exponent of Italian Neoclassicism.
In fact, its structure is articulated in the Gypsotheca, where the original models of Canova' s works are preserved.

On display, Antonio Canova' sculptures and paintings coming from the Museo Gypsotheca Antonio Canova in Possagno, as well as from prestigious public and private collections.

The exhibition will be open from December 8 to September 29, 2024

Admission: €15.00

Book your ticket online: antonio-canova-neoclassicism