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Park of the city walls

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The 4 km long high walls surrounding the city are also a botanical path between the trees along curtains and bastions.

flowering of daisies on the city walls in spring

Poplars, elms, holm oaks, are the native species of this area present on the oldest bastions or in some places that have never changed. Linden trees, plane trees, lyriodendrons, oaks, hackberry trees and even some specimens of singular plants, an imposing red beech, a rare South American cypress, a grove of hornbeams, some holm oaks in a "Ragnaia" wood, catalpe (the cigar tree) and a rich collection of magnolias that, in spring, is one by the strollers' most awaited blooms of the city,
descending from the walls to Corso Garibaldi.

Maria Luisa di Borbone initiated the transformation of the walls into a large city park "for the citizens' delight and strolling", setting the gardens above the bulwarks, enlarging the promenade and creating shadow areas with plane trees and other varieties of local and exotic trees.


In the 19th century the war construction of the city walls were changed into a unique monumental park rising above the city, as a symbol of peace, civilization and warm welcome.

The basements of the ramparts, restored and open to visitors, are unusual places for permanent art exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances and sport events. The barracks and castles above the access gates, once occupied by soldiers, house small city museums, restaurants and cultural foundations.
In addition to the monumental original entrance gates, pedestrian exits have been added, which, in correspondence with each bulwark, allow access from passages that were once kept secret and still preserve the old charm and magic.

The curtains, exactly as long as a marathon, are the favourite place of locals for relaxation, walking and sport. Botanical fans also appreciate a walk among elms, plane trees and lyriodendrons, tulip and many other trees. If you don't want to stop training even when you are on vacation, you can join the locals who, early in the morning or at sunset, go for a running "tour of the walls", in the cool shadow of the tree-lined avenues. Every Saturday morning, at 9:00 am from Piazzale Vittorio Emanuele, the ParkRun Mura di Lucca is organized. A race against time to set your own record.


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