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City walls of Lucca - events

The seasons on the city wall

Murabilia Mura in fiore on Lucca city walls


The Wall of Lucca has a place in the heart of its inhabitants. Every day at any time you will find people walking, do sunbathing or practising sports.  Every Saturday, for those who love to run in company, the ParkRun starts at 9:00 am in the morning, if you want to run with the locals, in September the unmissable event Lucca di notte (Lucca by Night), and for well-trained sport lovers an appointment in October with the Lucca Marathon, from the wall to the hills.

In spring and autumn, while the crowns of the trees change their colours, lovers of quality gardening will appreciate two great market exhibitions: Murabilia, in the first week of September and VerdeMura in the first week of April. In addition to the flower market, an opportunity to meet great representatives of the sector, to visit the botanical garden of Lucca, to participate in meetings and conferences.

The green curtain of tree crowns is  also an indispensable scenery in every season for gatherings of vintage cars and motorbikes, classic vespas and of course for music festivals in summer with the concerts of "Canto degli alberi" and "Musica sotto torri e bastioni".

For those who want more detailed information, guided tours are scheduled every year inside the basement of the ramparts, in the squares of arms and other places of the historic building.

But the real event, finally, is the wall with its continuous changing of colours and scents.
In spring, lime trees, magnolias, horse chestnuts and lyriodendrons bloom and fresh the air with their heady scents and large, delicate coloured flowers. In autumn, the irresistible foliage of red oaks, beeches and lyriodendrons offer a great panorama.