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Francigena bikeway

Flat stage where the main interest is represented by the numerous historical and religious buildings that meet along the way: the city walls and the amphitheatre of Lucca, the Pieve di Capannori, the Badia di Pozzeveri, the church of S. Jacopo and the historical centre of Altopascio.

tratto di via Francigena in mezzo ai campi


From Camaiore we climb to Monte Magno. From here we take the SP1, at times very dangerous for vehicular traffic.

Once back in Piazzano we descend into the valley of the Contesola torrent and, after crossing the Serchio at Ponte San Pietro, we reach Lucca.
There is a good availability of water, refreshment points in Monte Magno, Valpromaro, San Macario in Piano.

Pay attention to a stretch of road in Corte Ginori and to the numerous crossings of the provincial roads that we meet along the stage.
Outside the inhabited centres it is not possible to get water supplies.