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Ted Nasmith_Rivendell on show at Lucca comics & games 2022


The Ninth Art and the new arts on show: the exhibitions at palazzo Ducale, the first stage of the countdown to HOPE.

Totally unpublished artistic paths will welcome visitors of all ages until November 1st, to discover worlds that touch all kinds of imagination, united by the common thread of the inspiring theme of this edition, Hope. Hope as conceived by one of the absolute masters of imaginative realism, of fantastic illustration - the Canadian artist Ted Nasmith - and that has been transformed into the official symbol of this edition of the festival: Hope, the Lady of Dawn.

At Palazzo Ducale (15 October - 1 November)

Ted Nasmith - La Natura del Mito (edited by Chiara Codecà). Author of the poster of Lucca Comics & Games 2022, one of the greatest representatives of fantasy art, the Canadian Ted Nasmith is the protagonist of a great exhibition presenting the classic illustrations dedicated to the Tolkien universe, faced with a peculiar landscape sensitivity. In addition, illustrations made for the saga of George R. R. Martin Cronache del ghiaccio e del fuoco (A Song of Ice and Fire) and countless other amazing images.

Chris Riddell - Schizzi, scarabocchi e meraviglie (by Roberto Irace). Author for children, political cartoonist, illustrator and extraordinary creator of worlds, he will be a guest at Lucca Comics & Games 2022 in collaboration with the Il Castoro Publishing House and an exhibition will be set up at Palazzo Ducale that will celebrate his prolific career.

Mirka Andolfo - Eroine di carta (edited by Mauro Bruni). Mirka Andolfo is the new star of Italian comics. Draftswoman and author, she has established herself in a dazzling way starting with Sacro / Profano (2013), characterized by a joyful eroticism, supported by soft and sensual traits. It is the hallmark of her style, which after several Italian and international collaborations, brings her back to the fore with the great success of Sweet Paprika.

Atsushi Ohkubo - Anima di fuoco (edited by Alessandro Apreda). Created with the collaboration of Panini, the exhibition will illustrate, through a rich selection of original plates of his most famous creations, the incredible work of world building that has made this mangaka famous. From soul hunting in the Death City of Soul Eater and its spin-off Soul Eater Not! To the pyrokinetic firefighters of Fire Force.

Alex Randolph, regista di giochi (edited by Andrea Angiolino and Tiziano Antognozzi). A celebration in grand style to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Alex Randolph, with pieces for the first time on display in Italy and unpublished illustrations in absolute preview in collaboration with the Deutsches Spielearchiv Nürnberg, Studio Tapiro and Studio Giochi.

Giacomo Nanni, un altro sguardo sul mondo (edited by Giovanni Russo). Giacomo Nanni is one of the most refined and profound Italian cartoonists. With Atto di Dio (2018), also awarded at Angoulême, he has produced one of the best Italian books of recent years, a reflection, both secular and religious, on the universe as the bearer of a radical mystery and on the internal role of humans in his internal. With the following Tutto è vero (2021) he deepens his external gaze on a confused and disbanded humanity, grappling with the modern fears of terrorism and the clash of civilizations.

Graphic Novel Theater: fumetti in carne e ossa (edited by Lucca Comics & Games). The exhibition tells the brief but already significant history of the Graphic Novel Theater, concluding with a preview of the new show, dedicated to Celestia by Manuele Fior.

The Palazzo Ducale exhibitions can be visited free of charge until October 27th: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm

During the days of the Festival (from 28 October to 1 November) from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm exclusively with festival ticket.


In addition, during the days of the festival, other exhibitions embrace all sections of the festival and lead visitors to explore new visual universes:


POP SALANI - 160 anni di libri, cultura e fantasia -  Church of San Cristoforo (free admission until 06/11). Curated by Giorgio Bacci.

Manga: Love & Other Stories - Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Curated by J-POP Manga and Lucca Comics & Games.

Castelli & Friends - Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Curated by Alex Dante e Lucca Comics & Games (entrance with festival ticket).

Corrado Roi: Diabolik, chi sei? - Church of the servants. Curated by Mauro Bruni and Lo Scarabeo.

Atari 50 - San Franceschetto church. History of the company that invented videogames by Fabio Viola (free admission).

Multiverse of Metaverses - Underground of Baluardo San Pietro. The future by Daniele Luchi (free admission).

John Blanche - Within the Woods - Carducci Pavilion, curated by Tiziano Antognozzi (accessible with the festival ticket).

Wild Boys of Eternia: 40 Lightyears Ago, from Eternia to Lucca Comics & Games - Carducci Pavilion. Curated by Dimitri Galli Rohl.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope - Casa del Boia. Curated by Ubisoft Milan (entrance with festival ticket).

Anni di Tuono – Dalle autoproduzioni ai "Giorni di Tuono" - Self Area in the Agorà Library - (free admission), Organized by the Tuono Pettinato Foundation.

Livio Sossi Editorial Illustration Award - Lucca Junior 2022 Competition Exhibition - Real Collegio. Curated by Sarah Genovese.

Fumetti dal mondo! - Comics & Graphic Novel for children awarded at the Bolognaragazzi Comics Award. Curated by Bologna Children's Book Fair, and at Annual AI 2022 - The exhibition of the winners, curated by AI - Association of Authors of Images.