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The LuccAccessibile routes are distributed throughout the entrances to the city:


LuccAccessibile - percorsi all'interno del centro storico


Most of the historical centre is in ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato - pedestrian area delimited by telematic gates).

In the eastern area, the entrance is from Porta Elisa and the route reaches Piazza Antelminelli, near the Cathedral San Martino. It leads to Villa Bottini and after passing through Porta San Gervasio along Via dei Fossi, it reaches the piazza Santa Maria Bianca, crosses Piazza Bernardini and then reaches the Cathedral.

In the central area, the tour continues from Piazza Antelminelli to Piazza San Giovanni where you can visit the archaeological area.

In the southern area, from the railway station, the route enters the city through Porta San Pietro and reaches the Piazza San Giovanni.

From the north, the entrance is from Porta Santa Maria and 'enters' the heart of Lucca with the route called 'free wheel' that reaches the most important and attractive monuments of the city: Church San Frediano, Piazza Anfiteatro, Church San Michele, Museo Giacomo Puccini - casa Natale, Church San Paolino, the Mint Museum, the Cathedral San Martino, the Cathedral Museum.

The City Walls surround the entire historical centre and can be reached by more or less easy climbs, but always requiring assistance.