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LucCa Comics and Games . THE EXHIBITIONS


Inauguration of the exhibitions at the Doge's Palace: extraordinary contemporary artists between comics, illustration, visual suggestions, and exploration of underground culture. From the masters of international comics to artistic achievements linked to the world of the fantastic, from illustration to visions deeply connected with the classical art world.

Thanks to the exhibition routes set up in various historical buildings in the heart of Lucca, visitors will be able to approach the work of extraordinary artists and discover the greatness of their works.

The exhibitions of Lucca Comics & Games hosted in Palazzo Ducale: artists and artists are celebrated with real "personals". Over 80 works, most of them very large and never exhibited before, inspired by the works of Goya in the prestigious frescoed venue that was the palace of Maria Luisa of Bourbon in the early 19th century.

The exhibitions are among the most eagerly awaited appointments of all the universes celebrated within the festival and constitute the flagship of the cultural programme of the event. The exhibitions will be accessible free of charge from 15 to 31 October (Tuesday to Saturday 3pm-7pm, Sunday 10am-1pm / 3pm-7pm; closed on Mondays).

From 1 to 5 November, access will be allowed only to festival ticket holders (9 a.m. - 7 p.m.).


Asaf & Tomer Hanuka: A Tribe of Two

A cura di Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini e Guido Martini



Any screenwriter of even mediocre talent knows that a superhero is nothing without the proper 'origin story'.It takes the chance bite of an unlikely radioactive spider to give birth to Spider-Man, the death of parents to create Batman, that of an entire planet for Superman. And often, great powers are accompanied not only by great responsibilities, but also by invincible frailties: Daredevil's blindness, Tony Stark's diseased heart, Clark Kent's loser appearance. In the "origin story" by Tomer and Asaf Hanuka - authors of the poster for the 2023 edition of Lucca Comics & Games - there is a country that is as rich in beauty and history as it is scarred by tensions and wars: Israel.


Garth Ennis: Till the End of His Words

A cura di Luca Bitonte e Alessandro Apreda

Garth Ennis


This is not just an exhibition about the Master of Belfast, now a citizen of NY: rather, it is about him and his friends, about that unique relationship that can only arise between the tables of a pub. He preserved them all, these affections, enhancing them and drawing from the sum of the individual parts an incredible strength.This is an exhibition about the unbreakable bond between these people, and the infinite art that resulted.


Usamaru Furuya: This Time is Different

A cura di Giovanni Russo e Paolo La Marca


Usamaru Furuya


Usamaru Furuya is one of the most interesting voices in contemporary Japanese comics. This exhibition recounts his distinctive characteristic of continuous evolution.Indeed, it is difficult to fix the coordinates of his path once and for all. His copious production ranges continuously, searching for an impossible balance between mainstream instances and more or less established underground niches.  He has touched - almost - all genres, used all techniques, adapted his language to stories that are always different, yet always, unmistakably, his own.


AkaB: Qui non esiste morale

A cura di Carlotta Vacchelli




Restless, intense, controversial, the work of AkaB (Gabriele di Benedetto, 1976-2019) represents a milestone in the history of Italian comics over the last 30 years, intersecting genres (cartoons, short stories, graphic novels, webcomics), markets (from self-publishing to mainstream) and disparate arts (painting, graphics, illustration, animation, experimental cinema and independent music).


Luis Royo & Romulo Royo: Art Generations

A cura di Mauro Bruni


Luis e Romulo Royo


Considered the most influential European artist of his genre, Luis Royo returns to Lucca Comics & Games with an exhibition in Palazzo Ducale dedicated to his fantastic art. His fantastic and erotic works have made him one of the most important contemporary artists in his field. He has exhibited in numerous shows and his books have become reference points for many subsequent artists; in 2016 he left his handprint for the Walk of Fame at Lucca Comics & Games.



Amélie Fléchais: Sentieri smarriti, sentieri ritrovati

A cura di Roberto Irace

Amelie Flechais


Character designer, animator, illustrator, cartoonist, author... these are some of the many souls of Amélie Fléchais. French, born in 1989, she will be at Lucca Comics & Games for the first time with the largest exhibition dedicated to her, the first in Italy, an exhibition that contains plates extracted from her first authorial works such as Il sentiero smarrito and Lupetto Rosso, L'uomo Montagna, realised with Séverine Gauthier and the multi-award-winning work Le Guerriere della Valle, realised with Jonathan Garnier (all published in Italy by Tunué). A series of stories for children that also whisper to adults.





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