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The exibhits of LC&G 2018

Countdown to the most important European cross-media event, dedicated to the world of comics, games and videogames, illustration and fantasy literature, and intelligent entertainment. In fact, just 20 days are missing at the start of the 2018 edition of Lucca Comics & Games (from October 31 to November 4) the event organized by Lucca Crea Srl together with the City of Lucca, and with the support of other citizens, places this year to international attention in addition to the city also the "Made in Italy", true engine of the country even when you look at it under the lens of imagination and creativity.

Without neglecting the great contemporary masters, of Lucca Comics & Games

in recent years he has become accustomed to a selection of "pencils" and creatives, from writing, to animation, to digital art, which leads us to see and understand who the masters of tomorrow will be. This happens in particular with the exhibitions: in addition to the seven monographs that inaugurate Saturday, others are distributed almost everywhere in the city.

The important announcements follow each other from day to day, but to confirm the first step towards the event is the inauguration of the exhibitions, Saturday, October 13 at 17:00 at Palazzo Ducale. Admission to all exhibitions, which will continue until November 4th, is free.

At Palazzo Ducale

LEIJI MATSUMOTO - Sensei from space

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No one like Leiji Matsumoto has embodied the profound values ​​of Japan in the '70s, turning them into narratives and characters that have been indelibly impressed in the collective imagination, not only in Japan Matsumoto's long space sagas are primarily moral stories: the community ideal on board the "Space Armored Yamato" (1975) redeems with his spirit of sacrifice the defeat of Japan in the Second World War; the apparently anarchic "Capitan Harlock" (1977) proposes in turn, on his spaceship Arcadia, a model of ideal communitarism opposed to a land in the grip of hedonism and consumerism of the economic boom; finally, the training novel "Galaxy Express 999" (again 1977) tells the story of a boy who, guided by a woman who is his mother and before, unreachable, lover, matures and finally finds his place in the world. The exhibition, consists of 40 of its originals specially chosen for its Italian fans.


The metamorphosis and the discovery. The illustrated universe of BENJAMIN LACOMBE


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Born in 1982, he is one of the most popular illustrators for children of the new French school. He has exhibited his works in the most important galleries in the world such as L'Art de rien (Paris), Dorothy Circus (Rome), Ad hoc art (New York), Maruzen (Tokyo). A personal exhibition will be dedicated to him that will gather the original tables of some of his most important and recent works focusing on great female figures such as "Alice", "Carmen", "Frida" and a taste of the brand new work, still unpublished, "Il magago of Oz ". We would like to thank Galerie Daniel Maghen and Rizzoli Ragazzi for their cooperation.



NEAL ADAMS - The dark side of the comic book.

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The pages created by Neal Adams have become a source of inspiration for more than one generation of authors, his editing "cuts" have made school, the adult plots have brought the superheroes to a realistic dimension. Lucca Comics & Games is honored to exhibit a splendid selection of its tables. Neal Adams is one of the great masters of the comics made in U.S.A who drew the stories of the most iconic characters of DC Comics: "Deadman", "Green Lantern", "Green Arrow" and above all "Batman". The gloom of the stories related to the hero of Gotham have become a hallmark of his stories. With Denny O 'Neil he realized the unforgettable meeting of the century: “Superman against Muhammad Ali”.



JUNJI ITŌ - The spiral of the mind. The hell of the flesh

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Junji Itō reveals an original stylistic number. To the gaunt and caricatural trait of his predecessors in horror, he contrasts a meticulous, elegant and brutal graphic realism, rendered brutally effective by his in-depth medical-anatomical knowledge. So, while his horror body hits and intrigues the public, on the other hand, Itō disseminates his subtests - from psychopathological introspection, to social criticism - succeeding in the difficult task of being pop and intellectual at the same time. Its main themes are disorders of perception, obsessive-compulsive somatizations, atavistic fears, fascination with self-destruction, alienation. In the development of his artistic discourse Itō draws heavily from other expressive forms such as cinema (Hitchcock, classical science fiction, b-movie), literature (Lovecraft, King), painting (Dorè, Escher, Bosch). Junji Itō will be a guest at Lucca Comics & Games in collaboration with Star Comics.


JÉRÉMIE MOREAU - Constant movement

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Jérémie Moreau is the young French talent to whom the Festival has decided to dedicate a personal exhibition; for the first time in Italy, readers will be able to admire the works of a true rising star of the dessinée band that in a few years has received numerous prizes and awards, including the Special Jury Prize Gran Guinigi 2015 for "The Monkey of Hartlepool" . Superfine visual interpreter of writers from beyond the Alps like Lupano and Donner, Moreau has also embodied the garments of a single author, giving us masterpieces such as "Max Winson" and "La saga di Grimr". The author has often worked as a character designer in the world of animation, proving to be an eclectic artist. In this exhibition we will be able to admire a selection of some of its most fascinating paintings and watercolors.


LRNZ - Renaissance vision of a contemporary artist

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Lucca Comics & Games is honored to host the works of Lorenzo Ceccotti, aka LRNZ, in the rooms of the Palazzo Ducale. From the Superamici collective to "Golem", from "Astrogamma" to "Monolith", without forgetting illustrations, covers and poster making of Lucca Comics & Games 2018. Equipped with a recognizable and captivating sign you will be amazed by the variety of works on display. A full immersion in the dystopian world of the Roman author.


SARA COLAONE - In the Sign of Leda

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Born in Pordenone, but in Bologna by adoption, she actively collaborates with Kappa Edizioni realizing short stories and graphic novels; we remember "Hello hello girl" and the multi-award winning "In Italy they are all boys". He makes numerous illustrations and covers for important Italian and foreign publishers. Thanks to its elegant and evocative features, it immerses the reader in the rarefied atmospheres of his stories. Awarded at Lucca Comics & Games 2018 as Best Designer for "Leda". That only love and light has boundaries "



The cultural artistic offer of Lucca Comics & Games will be completed during the days of the Festival, when many other exhibitions will be open in historic buildings and pavilions of the event.
Scuderia Ferrari GP Covers (Palazzo delle Esposizioni of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation in San Martino). The House of Maranello, icon of style, technology, luxury, speed and design, refers to the tradition of poster art, giving it a modern breath, between art and pop culture, with a series of original illustrations dedicated to the Grand Prix of the 2017 seasons and 2018. Forty-one works signed by the most important exponents of Italian and international comics.

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"Dampyr @ rt Lucca", dedicated to the special issue of "Dampyr" that Sergio Bonelli Editore has created starting from the works of the masters of Italian fantasy art appreciated in twenty years of Area Performance, a perfect fusion of Made in Italy in publishing comics and in the illustration of the fantastic in the name of the monumental historical and artistic value of the city. This is joined by the intervention of NoCurves, the Italian master of Tape Art, author of the cover, whose original will be unveiled on October 31, at the opening of the event, in Piazza San Martino.

Palazzo Arnolfini in Piazza del Giglio. Paul Bonner. Out in the dark forest. A tribute to the illustrator's career for the Lord of the Rings worlds, Dungeons & Dragons, Lone Wolf, Magic, Zombiecide, Games Workshop and now with CMON is preparing to bring his art into Trudvang's board game.

Agora 'Tex Experience' cultural center to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Tex, the legendary character of Giovanni Luigi Bonelli and Aurelio Galleppini, visitors can virtually enter, thanks to the Oculus Go viewers, in the exhibition underway until January 27 at the Museum of the Permanent of Milan. The world's largest Tex and rare relics related to the famous ranger will be exhibited in Lucca.

Church of the Servants in Piazza dei Servi - Simone Bianchi - Master Masterpieces: exhibition composed of original pieces dedicated to the Marvel superheroes created by the artist for the prestigious The Upperdeck Company. The route is divided between Lucca Comics & Games and the prestigious Galleria Metropolis in New York

Program and maps are online

You can already consult hundreds of events scattered in dozens of locations throughout the historic center and many others will be announced in these 20 days that separate us from festivals. The entire program and the interactive map of Lucca Comics & Games 2018 is constantly updated and can be consulted online on the site

Thursday, 11 October 2018