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Urban trekking 2021

76 towns of 17 regions all together for the National Urban Trekking Day, the annual appointment for #locals & #tourists to get to know more and (re) discover the most hidden and unknown treasures, the most evocative views, famous characters and unusual curiosities of Italian cities at a slow pace.


The Announcing Angel of the Parish Church of San Gennaro is  on display in Lucca after the restoration. It will stop in Lucca for the second stage of its journey, which will then take it back to its centuries-old location.

The painted terracotta statue is one of the most refined and enigmatic artistic artefacts in the Lucca area.

...seeing the stars again


This is the claim and the guideline of the 55th edition of Lucca Comics & Games, in attendance again after the 2020 experience of Lucca ChanGes.

EHD - European Heritage Days


Wiki Loves Monuments 2021

Search, shoot, upload, win... and give value to beauty!
In September appointment with Wiki Loves Monuments to immortalize in memorable shots the monuments of Lucca.

The city walls, Piazza Anfiteatro, Torre Guinigi and Torre delle Ore, the Botanical Garden, the Nottolini aqueduct... these are the pearls of the city most photographed by #locals & #tourists. Great classics which, with each shot, are transformed into suggestive and panoramic views, new and unusual perspectives.

Submitted by Kathrin on 3. September 2021


A walk through the Villas of Vorno
A ring route of 5-6 kilometers, with some small detours to discover the most hidden corners and evocative glimpses of the natural and architectural beauties of this area.

You can walk or cycle along the foot of Mount Pisano in the quiet village of Vorno located in the green valley of the homonymous stream.

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