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Pilgrim Hospitality


Before arriving in Lucca, you can find hospitality along the way:

In Pietrasanta the diocesan house La Rocca offers pilgrims, all year round, 6 beds and 10 mattresses on the ground, bathroom and shower. Sheets are not provided. By prior notice it is possible to arrange a dinner for at least 6 people. A contribution of 10 euros is required for the maintenance of the premises.
Via della Rocca, 10 Pietrasanta
Casa Rocca - tel. +39 0584 793093 - 0584 793094


In Camaiore in the premises adjacent to the ancient Benedictine Abbey at 'L'Ostello del Pellegrino, a simple but comfortable structure, open all year round, with 24 beds and the possibility of refreshment. Pilgrims with credentials are requested an offer for the maintenance of the premises + € 10,00 bed linen. via Madonna della Pietà, loc. Badia
tel. 345 1168661-


The Pilgrim's House of Valpromaro is housed in the rectory of the church of Valpromaro and offers hospitality throughout the year. There are 35 beds available in bunk beds and floor mattresses in multiple rooms including breakfast, bathroom and shower, washing machine, WIFI, kitchen use. Animals are welcome. An offer is required for the maintenance of the premises.
via Comunale Freddana, 15 Valpromaro (Lucca) - pagina FB / casa del pellegrino di Valpromaro
tel. 0583 956028 -   



Canonici Regolari Lateransi of Lucca offer pilgrims 6 beds distributed in 3 rooms with single beds in the rooms of Via San Nicolao. Mattress and pillowcase covers and laundry space are provided. The apartment is not always manned, so it is advisable to inform the volunteers of your arrival.
Via San Nicolao, 76
tel.  331 1311522


The parish community Centro Storico di Lucca provides pilgrims with the right credentials, the "San Davino" Pilgrim's Pilgrim's Village 11 beds with 4 bathrooms and 3 showers and accommodation also for disabled people in a ground floor room with bathroom. The structure has a convivial room with a food warmer where you can eat your own food. An offer is required for the maintenance of the premises.
Via san Leonardo 12, Lucca -
per informazioni:  Tel: 0583 53576 / 366 1062641- 


The first accommodation facility that is located on leaving Lucca is in Capannori:

The new hostel in Capannori is a hostel with 24 beds right at the entrance of the main town. The hostel is on three floors. On the ground floor entrance hall, information point, bar, kitchen, dining room, laundry, room equipped for disabled people and four toilets. On the first floor four bedrooms and three other toilets, computer stations, library and study area.
The building is equipped with a lift and a garden.
via dei Martiri Lunatesi Capannori -

The Hostel Rio di Vorno is a structure along the North Variant of the Via Francigena, at the foot of Monti Pisani. It can accommodate 12 people in 2 double rooms, and 2 large quadruple rooms, all with private bathroom. It is suitable for small groups or families. Breakfast is served in the lounge of the bar-restaurant offering coffee, cappuccino, jams, homemade cakes and pastries, fruit juices and fresh bread.  Laundry and garden available.
via del Folle Mansi 1, Vorno (Capannori)
tel. +39 0583 971081 - -


At the parsonage of the Ancient Abbey of San Pietro in Badia di Pozzeveri in Altopascio, the new Foresteria francigena Hostal Badia. It can accommodate 22 people and offers (for a fee) breakfast, bike rental, meeting room, garden, wi-fi. The overnight stay is free for two consecutive nights for pilgrims with credential. € 10,00 the following days.
Badia Pozzeveri, via della Chiesa, Badia Pozzeveri (Altopascio)
 cell 335 7025335: Hostal Badia 0583 1808194


La Foresteria dei Pellegrini di Altopascio offers 10 beds in rooms with bathroom, wi-fi, quality services and furnishings including a small laundry and a comfortable welcome. An offer for the maintenance of the premises has been made. During the months of July and August, on Saturday afternoons and Sundays there is a phone call on 366 5708802. It is recommended to book in advance.
piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 23 Altopascio -
tel. 0583.216525  0583 216280 -

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