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Romanesque landscapes

On both sides of the Mediterranean sea, Romanesque art is an exciting journey also passing through Lucca with images, icons, figures and mythical animals.

the Brancolino figure on the parish church of san Giorgio in Brancoli

Also if the Middle Ages are considered a "dark" and culturally poor era, the richness and vitality of Romanesque art can't be denied.

This architectural style, widespread throughout Europe and a large part of the Mediterranean area, is still extremely up to date. In mediterranean countries, in fact, it has spread in elegant and fantastic forms, thanks to the availability of different materials, especially marble types with various colors and brightness shades.

From the land of the Lombards, Romanesque style arrived in Tuscany through Guidi's disciples and immediately established taking peculiar local features.

The journey into Romanesque art in Tuscany, from the great cathedrals to the small country and mountain churches, is however a fascinating trip through religions and mythological legends that have never disappeared.

In Lucca and surroundings, in addition to the tours through the historic center of the city with great basilicas and minor churches, you will notice this architectural style in the countryside and on the hills, mainly along the legendary paths of the past, between the Serchio valley and at the foot of Mount Pisano, even mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy as the border between the rivals Lucca and Pisa.

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