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Villa Reale



ADDRESSVia Fraga Alta 2 - 55014 Marlia, Capannori (Lucca)

PHONE: 0583 30108



The entrance, at the crescent of the stables, invites into the small forest to discover, little by little, all the secret corners of the park: a stream accompanies the camellia path with small waterfalls, bridges and ponds; the little hill climbs along the spiral path; the music gazebo is surrounded by the smell of wisteria and linden trees and the lake, at the lowest point of the park, reflects the compact volume of the house and the whole theatrical setting of the grassy slope and the mass of trees. You can then go up to the house of the Bishop with the small Italian garden. Just beyond, the nymphaeum decorated with stones, glass and lumps of cast iron and water games, recalls a natural cave and invites to rest. A staircase leads to the liberty garden and finally to the villa, where the route is enhanced by a rapid sequence of different perspective, one gate after another, as in a fantastic game: the fishpond, bay avenues, the lemon garden, the outdoor theatre carved in the bushes, a fountain jet, the water theatre and then the villa.