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Walks with fireflies

June, poppies and fireflies. When they come to light up the nights, it's dark that summer has arrived, you can be outside in the evening with friends and family and they are one of the most beautiful natural spectacles of the summer period.
We see them twirling in the night sky in the fields or woods, but also near the city, if conditions permit you can see those little yellow-green lights flashing on and off in a courtship dance.

We invite you to take a walk after dark, in search of summer.


The terraces of the Walls


The walls of Lucca by night


According to a well-known legend, it was the moon that gave the little fireflies some of its brightness so that they could dance in the woods even on the darkest and most dimly lit nights.

In the meadow surrounding the Walls of Lucca, particularly in the areas where the terraces (lunettes or crescents) have been preserved and along the ditch, which is mowed in the summer to preserve the natural flora, the small animals, fireflies, dragonflies, but also herons and egrets, gather.
The appointment with the small luminous creatures is from 10 pm to midnight.
The backdrop is the magnificent monument, which is also lit up to avoid disturbing the little guests. Access from the sortirte dele Mura at the abyss of the basilica of San Frediano and the bastion of San Salvatore is a gateway to a truly... fantastic world!

guided tour:
28 May and 1 June guided tour on with Comune di Lucca info and reservations: 334 8071351


Historic Aqueduct


Nottolini historical aqueduc by night


Another story tells of two sisters, seamstresses, who, having run out of candles, were helped by fireflies to complete the dress of the miller's daughter. A flash of light and wonder for those who saw the bride wearing it!

The Nottolini aqueduct is magnificent by day, but at night it is even more suggestive for a walk after dark along the arches of the magnificent hydraulic work, amidst the night noises and the delicate light of thousands of fireflies. The twilight walk along the aqueduct briefly skirts a small drainage canal, crosses the Verciano wood and proceeds through cultivated fields where brilliant swarms of fireflies dance.

guided tours
3 and 9 June with Natura Condivisa - info and booking 340 619 8310
12 June with Azimuth Treks - info and booking 340 3648597
23 June with Vadoevedo - info and reservations online registration


Urban Farm Riva degli Albogatti


Fiflies on the river


"Firefly firefly come to me, I will give you bread for the King, for the King and for the Queen, firefly firefly come close to me". This is the nursery rhyme we sang as children to attract fireflies and bring us a gift.

On summer evenings it is easy to meet the small luminescent insects in damp, warm places, such as the grassy banks around the river. At the Albogatti farm it is not uncommon to see them on these early summer nights, glittering on the slopes of the banks, in the groves and poplar groves.
The calls of the nocturnal animals that have returned to repopulate the river banks in recent years are the soundtrack to this unusual and romantic walk.

guided tours
17 May at 20:45 with the Albogatti farm: info and booking 3473166283 - 3661758719
11 June at 20:00 with Roberto Canovai for the River Festival: info and reservations 366 1758719
18 June with Azimuth Trek. Info and bookings 340 3648597
8 July with Azimuth Treks. Info and reservations 340 3648597