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Les Voyageurs - The travelers

Pierre David, J4 and Khadine are three of ten seductive sculptures touring the world and that are now for a month in our city. Some faces seem neutral, others convey nostalgia, others the joy of landing. The location of the statues, the first next to casermetta San Regolo, the second and third a few meters away near the headquarters of the Lucchesi nel Mondo Association, is a kind of homage to the many people of Lucca who over the decades have gone to distant lands in search of fortune and becoming an important reference in the communities abroad.



In 742 a mysterious dark crucifix arrived in Lucca, on a cart pulled by indomitable oxen after having crossed the Mediterranean sea on an unmanned boat.


Volto santo of Lucca



A program for visitors of all ages, on August 27, for the white night in the old town center of Lucca.

Extraordinary openings of museums, guided tours, initiatives for children and families, dancing performances in the squares, music, concerts, special events with the highlight at midnight in Piazza San Martino, but also shops and restaurants open until late night and DJ sets in the clubs.



Along the city walls and on the towers of Lucca, a nose-up walk to catch a glimpse of a shooting star in some patch of sky, among the foliage of the trees.
It is the night of San Lorenzo, the night of wishes and Lucca dedicates it to the famous aria from Tosca "The Stars Were Brightly Shining" accompanying you on this night walk with music and stories, in an ideal route from the Civic Towers to the City Walls.

Submitted by Kathrin on 25. July 2022


Hope is the theme of the 2022 edition of Lucca Comics & Games.

The godfather of imaginative realism Ted Nasmith, a great artist who has given shape to the visual universe of Middle-earth in the last forty years, is the author of the poster.

And with the 2022 poster, two monuments plus two join the pop iconography of the city and our dedicated journey.

Submitted by Kathrin on 6. July 2022


In the sixteenth-century church of San Paolino and Donato, a large painting tells the story of the miracle of San Paolino.

In the year 1664, the day of the patron saint celebrations of Lucca, cannons were fired, but that day, the cannons were not loaded with blanks as expected, but they fired on the crowd! Only the miraculous intervention of the saint saved people gathered around the city walls.


There is an opera season for each season of the year.

In Lucca in the summer period there are two opportunities to appreciate his works: the Puccini festival, in the Gran Teatro Puccini in Torre del Lago, right in front of the house where the Maestro lived for a long time and composed many of his immortal arias and the Cartoline Pucciniane festival, in Lucca, right in front of the house where he was born in 1858.

Submitted by Kathrin on 11. June 2022


The river landscape is relaxing and pleasant in any season.
The Serchio flows near Lucca and does not cross the city, as usually happens. A natural environment where you can find nature and relax just a stone's throw from the city walls of Lucca.


serchio river




Three unmissable guided tours into the fascination of nocturnal landscapes. Evocative places to discover Lucca and its surroundings in a special light, that of the moon.

Step by step we discover another face of the city, places with a magical atmosphere just outside the Walls, illuminated only by the full moon. And again, immersed in nature, natural oases under the starry sky in the company of night birdsong and water melodies.

Let's discover them on foot for an unusual summer evening of history, nature and a bit of adventure.


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