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On the occasion of the celebrations for International Women's Day, the Tobino Room of Palazzo Ducale hosts the exhibition Great Scientists of the Twentieth Century by Gloria Spandre, curated by Marco Maria Massai.

The protagonists of the exhibition are the faces, stories and works of great women, famous and less known, who have dedicated their lives to scientific research. Commitment, passion and extraordinary skills that have contributed decisively to the advancement of world scientific knowledge.

Submitted by Kathrin on 2. March 2022


There are two good reasons to treat yourself to a day at Villa Reale in Marlia, a few kilometers from Lucca. The home of two great noblewomen who transformed it into a marvellous place, amidst fragrant gardens and blooming camellias, sumptuous residences and ... legendary love stories.



The Affresco room of the San Micheletto complex hosts the photographic exhibition L'occhio del tempo by the photographer Dantès, dedicated to the most evocative and unknown corners of Lucca and its surroundings.



One hundred churches inside the city walls of Lucca and many small parish churches in the surrounding hills!

Strolling through woods and fields, walking along paths in the middle of nature, you can reach small treasures of minor Romanesque art, scattered on the hills of Lucca and Mount Pisano, a place where mystics and hermits have since ever found shelter in an estonishing landscape offering in this period generous blooms and breathtaking sunsets.


Excursions along the paths of the historical-artistic heritage of minor Romanesque art with monasteries, parish churches and hermitages of Mount Pisano, as part of the activities of the Itinera Romanica + project for the enhancement of the Romanesque cultural heritage.

5 appointments every Sunday in March and the first Sunday in April, in the company of a naturalist guide to discover and experience the beauty of these places surrounded by nature and full of history, art and traditions.

Scheduled on Sunday 6 March


On the centenary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini, a show of readings and music conceived by Valentino Corvino with the narrator of Moni Ovadia, entertainer, creator, director and actor of a absolutely peculiar musical theater, will be staged in the church of San Francesco with the title Tra la carne e il cielo,


The local choir Il Baluardo, a popular singing group from the city of Lucca, is back in concert on the last day of Carnival, on Tuesday 1 March at 9.15 pm, in the Music and Culture Room inside the shopping center Pinturicchio, a meeting and sharing place a few steps from the Walls of Lucca near Porta Santa Maria.


On horseback on the ancient paths up to the Walls of Lucca, an experience of sport, nature and history in the heart of Tuscany.

On June 18 and 19, Lucca welcomes groups from Borgo Vercallo (RE), Serravalle Pistoiese (PT), Casalguidi (PT), Montaione (FI), Collesalvetti (LI), Marina di Pisa (PI), Camaiore (LU) who have traveled the historical paths of the Via Matildica del Volto Santo, Via Francigena, the Way of San Jacopo, the Way of Santa Giulia and Romea Strata.


At Villa Bottini Oltreconfine, a collective photographic exhibition with focus on the restart and reopening of the world after the lockdown and the hardest moments of the pandemic. Seventy shots that retrace the path of regaining everyday spaces and times of life, and further reopen our hearts to the others and show solidarity to peoples in trouble.


The Laboratorio Brunier association is back to the scene with the first three events of 2022 in the name of music and entertainment.

Art and music performances for an entertaining afternoon with L'amor che move il sole e le altre stelle. Small theatrical performances, poetry readings, recitation of famous passages from the Divine Comedy and lyrical performances to the notes of Baroque and eighteenth-century music.

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