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artown - Contemporary Art Exhibition

ARTOWN - Contemporary Art Exhibition

Not only the Middle Ages and Renaissance in the walled city. Art is a habit that has been preserved to this day. In 1977, the Lucchese Association of Art Figurative gave to the Municipality of Lucca 140 works of painting, sculpture and graphics designed for the constitution of a permanent Museum of Modern Art that valorizes the important artistic heritage; since then the collection has been enriched with numerous private donations, which have so far been dispersed in various communal offices or stored in stores that are not accessible to the public.


Supported by the Municipal Administration in collaboration with the Opera delle Mura of Lucca, and curated by the ArteinLucca Cultural Association. The association, ArteinLucca, founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting Art in all its visual languages, as promoters of individual and social growth, presents an event featuring 42 well-known artists in the Tuscan area and exhibiting works belonging to them to their latest production: paintings, sculptures, graphics, assemblages, photography.


The exhibition, co-ordinated by President Elisabetta Abela, exhibits artists Ernersto Altemura, Francesco Andreozzi, Franco Avitabile, Mario Bargerio, Graziano Benedetti, Sergio Betti, Paulyr Buhler, Catia Canozzi, Maurizio Cardoni, Cinzia Coronese, Lorenzo D'Angiolo, Glauco di Sacco , Alfonso Folegnani, Anna Garibotti, Gavia, Laura Ghilarducci, Giorgetti Giorgetti, Michaela Kasparova, Dhimitraq Kote, Janet Kay Lilly, Adolfo Lorenzetti, Maria Chiara Luchetti, Elio Lutri, David Manetti, Daniele Marchi, Gianfalco Masini, Oreste Moretti, Tito Mucci, Angela Palese, Franco Pegonzi, Francesco Pellegrini, Paolo Pieri, Jitka Plchova, Benedetta Regoli, Eleonora Rossi, Armando Scaramucci, Alma Sheik, Luciano Simonetti, Pietro Soriani and Paolo Vannucchi. ArteinLucca wanted to pay homage to Luca's artist Ilaria Bernardi, who has recently disappeared, with the exhibition of his work "Aurora".


The exhibition is part of the Valorisation of Modern Art of our city, undertaken by the administration with the ArTown Art Collection of the City of Lucca, which has seen the public for the first time part of the works belonging to the Collection Civica, and will continue in the coming months with a new layout scheduled for December 2017, always in collaboration with the Opera delle Mura and the ArteinLucca Association.

The Contemporary Art Exhibition will be open every day from 9 to 29 November 2017, with free admission, at the following times: Tuesday to Friday from 15.00 to 18.00; on Saturdays and Sundays: 10.00-12.00 / 15.00-18.00.