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the charriot of viareggio carnival dedicated to the rolling stones

The new sketches of Viareggio Carnival

The summer is not yet over and Viareggio's tank drivers are already busy with their work to prepare another fantastic edition of the Carnival. In advance the papier-mâché magicians submit their projects to a commission of experts, which, if approved, will come to life in floats and masquerades on foot, giving rise to real traveling theaters accompanied by music, dancing and singing of costumed figures.  The raw material of the floats is papier-mâché, or rather cast paper, which makes it possible to create impressive but at the same time light works.

The new sketches

Sunday, August 19 in Piazza Burlamacco at the Citadel of Carnival were presented during an evening show, the bozzetti  (sketches) of the great buildings of the floats in competition that we will see parade on Viali a Mare from February 9 to March 5, 2019 and will animate the Carnival 2019. Then, throughout the year, the 25 or so master builders will work on the great allegorical constructions: self-propelled machines, up to twenty metres high and at least twelve metres wide, which portray in an ironic key the protagonists of Italian and international politics, putting to the test critical issues and problems of common interest.



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