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On Easter Monday, a unique event promoted by Grandi Giardini Italiani and dedicated to children will be organised at Villa Reale in Marlia, one of the most beautiful parks in Italy.

The event Caccia al Tesoro Botanico (Botanical Treasure Hunt) is an opportunity to spend a relaxing leisure day in contact with nature and greenery, immersed in timeless beauty. A fantastic adventure to introduce children in a playful and joyful way to the immense botanical, artistic and cultural heritage preserved in Italian gardens.

A treasure map will guide the young botanists and their families to discover the secrets of the trees and plants in the park, amidst puzzles and riddles of botanical and artistic curiosities. After having found all clues and solved the riddles, they will discover the hidden chest with the coveted treasure. Each child will take home a small prize and a certificate of participation.

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April 18, 2022
Start / End Time
10:00 am / 4:30 pm
Villa Reale di Marlia. Via Fraga Alta, 2 - loc. Marlia, Capannori
Children € 5,00 - Adults € 7,00 / € 18,00

Villa Reale di Marlia
Via Fraga Alta, 2 - loc. Marlia, Capannori
Tel. +39 0583 30108 -