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how I met puccini- streaming from london with valentina ciardelli

How I met Puccini

From Lucca to London and around the world. A little streaming and a little "edutment" TV series (education and entertainment).
Giacomo Puccini, open minded for different communication styles as well as a genius of music, would have appreciated this kind of combination.

"How I met Puccini" is a totally new format. Ten titles from the Puccini repertoire, from Le Villi to Turandot, with events of 45 minutes each, scheduled every two weeks, started in December and have accompanied us throughout the winter period.

Talk and music to reveal and tell about the various aspects of being a musician, proposing ideas and suggestions to the audience to appreciate live concerts and operas again.

Young talents who didn't give up in this difficult period and fortunately "never stop, do not go on vacation, do not go on leave, do not retire" and who, in different collaborations, recall the great Renaissance tradition of patronage, projected in our time.

The next event, on April 18, is the grand finale with "Il Trittico". It will be the last event, but ... don't worry, nothing is lost.
The show continues on YouTube Valentina Zappawoman where all episodes for a Puccini "binge watching" are available, waiting for the curtain to be raised again.

Together with Valentina Ciardelli, creator and protagonist of the project, performances by instrumentalists such as Anna Astesano and Gabriella Dall'Olio (harp), Alvaro Siculiana (piano) and Helena Svigelij (cello) will be part of the event.

Valentina Ciardelli in duo with other young and multifaceted artists, gives "virtual and digital" life to the project "XXI Ars Nova - How I met Puccini", which combines words and music to reveal several aspects of being musicians, giving ideas and suggestions to the audience to keep their desire alive to listen to live music, as soon as it will be finally possible again.