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Inside Monet


An exciting event between the real and a virtual world between the green of the city walls of Lucca and the colors of Monet's paintings.

The masterpieces of the father of French Impressionism come to life in your eyes, giving you a 360° journey through the art of Claude Monet.
A journey between the real, the marvelous city walls of Lucca, and the virtual, the most famous works of Claude Monet.


Become Claude Monet for a day!


Inside Monet


Inside Monet VR Experience is the first one-of-a-kind digital art en plein air event: Lucca will merge with the artist's brushstrokes.

Wearing the Virtual Reality viewer, the painter himself will narrate his life and his most famous works:
Sunrise at the port of Le Havre in the painting "Impression, Sunrise", the summer air on your skin in front of the scarlet poppies in "The poppy field".

The preview free tour will be organised on 10 August on the occasion of "...e lucevan le stelle", in two shifts, at 9.30 pm and 11.00 pm.



The tours go on until October 29!


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Friday 25 - 17.00
Saturday 26 - 10.30 and 17.00
Sunday 27 - 10.30 and 17.00


Friday 1 - 17.00 
Saturday 2 - 10.30 and 17.00
Sunday 3 - 10.30 and 17.00

Saturday 9 - 10.30 and 17.00
Sunday 10/09 - 10.30 and 17.00

Thursday 14 - 10.30 and 17.00
Friday 15 - 17.00
Saturday 16/09 - 10.30 and 17.00

Saturday 23 - 10.30 and 17.00
Sunday 24 - 10.30 and 17.00

Friday 29 - 17.00
Saturday 30 - 10.30 and 17.00


Saturday 7 - 3:00 pm
Sunday 8 - 3:00 pm

Saturday  14 - 3:00 pm
Sunday 15 - 3:00 pm

Saturday  21 - 3:00 pm
Sunday 22 - 3:00 pm

Saturday  28 - 3:00 pm
Sunday 29 - 3:00 pm


ticket: € 15.00 for adults, € 10.00 concessions (under 18 and over 65).

Tickets are available ONLY online:

The tours start from the Mura di Lucca Infopoint (Porta San Donato nuova, on the promenade of the Renaissance Walls).

In case of rain: the experience will take place inside the Infopoint Mura di Lucca.





One morning in 1872, a pale sun rises in the misty port of Le Havre and #impressionism is born.

Imagine to be the atelier in Giverny, just on that morning a long time ago and you will be overwhelmed by the colors and shapes of this painting to experience the sensations that Monet himself felt while admiring that legendary sunrise.

Inside Monet - impression at sunrise

Impression, Sunrise (1872)


Let yourself be part of a snapshot of this moment, outdoors, in front of a scarlet poppy field, to feel the summer breeze and the light shades of the Ile de France region that Monet wanted to "capture" by painting in open air.
The Poppy Field (1873)


Experience one of the walks that Monet's wife took with her son during the hot summer days on the hills of Argenteuil. Watch Camille's dress waving and the grass moving in the pleasant summer breeze that envelops the whole landscape.
The Stroll (1875)


Let yourself be carried away in "Grainstacks": in front of a field immersed in the sun and the haystacks, with the light  changing on a clear day, to explore the theme of light mutations and the color effects on the grainstacks, much appreciated by the painter.
Grainstacks (1890-91)


Monet considered the garden at Giverny his most beautiful masterpiece, and this is where the series of works featuring water lilies was born. Plunge into the last painting, in the harmony of colors and brushstrokes combined with the water and natural light effects.
Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge (1899)