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Monte Pisano



In a privileged corner of Tuscany, between Pisa and Lucca, between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Monte Pisano is a hospitable territory rich in history and nature where you can live experiences, traditions and flavors in relaxation.



Fragment of the Apuan Alps, Monte Pisano is one of the oldest geological formations in Tuscany. The relief is what remains of an ancient territory that included the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, Corsica and Sardinia and with these shares a fascinating geological history and lush vegetation. A small island between the plains of Lucca and Pisa that reaches almost 1000 meters high.

The two sides, with different exposure, towards the coast and towards the interior, have two different faces with common features. The Pisan side, sunny and exposed to the direct action of the sea winds, is dry and dry, sometimes dry. The Lucca side, gathering the rains coming from the interior of Tuscany, is fresh and rich in spring and healing waters.

History, nature, caves inhabited since prehistoric times, a refuge for saints and hermits and a speleologists' paradise, the aqueducts of two different eras that collect and channel water to nearby Pisa and Lucca, monasteries places of refuge and prayer for hermits and monks, the sumptuous villas used by the Pisan bourgeoisie for the refreshment of the soul and the body, the products of the territory, first of all the EVO oil still obtained with traditional methods make it an interesting destination in which we always expect new, small great discoveries, splendid natural and human landscapes.


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