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Submitted by Ant on 13. August 2021


A walk among the fountains in the olt town.
A relaxing stroll among monuments and fountains. 

In the history of Lucca, that of water is a story in reverse. While other cities were born on the banks of rivers, the people of Lucca kept well away from them.

The foundation of the city, in Roman times, was challenging in the middle of a plain where water was the master, with streams and marshes. The name of the town itself derives from the Ligurian word Luk, meaning a place where light is reflected.

Summer nights


And here we are right in the middle of summer. Some ideas for San Lorenzo and Ferragosto, the hottest day and the night of desires.


in the San Lorenzo night a walk through nature and taste


starry sky


A concert on the beach

Submitted by Ant on 26. July 2021


The long summer sunsets are always full of surprises. The warm colours, the thousands of shades of orange that blend with palettes of intense blues and draw the unmistakable silhouette of the city roofs, the leaves against the sun, the sea horizon, the mountain ridges.


Artists at work in the "workshops" of Lucca, to prepare the most important International event dedicated to paper and cardboard, material and instrument of artistic expression and creativity.

Fear and desire are the keywords of this edition

a combination on which artists, performers, designers and architects have been called to reflect through their works and to talk about art and society.


Submitted by Ant on 16. July 2021


The colors of summer in Lucca: strong and intense as the season, they change with the landscape and accompany days of relax and meditation.

From the historic center to the hills of Monte Pisano and the Pizzorne Plateau, the intense colors and rich flavors of summer alternate.



white marble against the deep blue sky for the city


An invitation to Lucca


Free guided tours (in Italian language) throughout the summer.
Last school days, first vacation days. Here are some ideas to “get in touch” with the summer holidays, an invitation to visit the city together, guests and local tourists to share a different view in a holiday mood on everyday landscapes.

The Pilgrimage festival


More and more walking has been rediscovered this summer 2021. Physical activity, but without any competition, with calm and time to relax strolling through the landscape, getting to know people, tasting local products, discovering the history and its characters and simply feeling good.


Walk on...


A summer with Puccini


Music, this year more than ever, is the queen of summer and in Lucca music strictly connected to Maestro Giacomo Puccini.

Here are all the small and big occasions not to be missed to celebrate the great composer and his princess "Turandot".


Celebrations are in the air


Plants, magic and legends for the summer solstice at the Botanical Garden.

saturday 18 sunday 19 june

17:30 - Baluardo San Regolo entrance | the history of the Botanical Garden, the plants, the magic and the legends of the place during the Solstice.
The duration of the visit is about 1 hour.

Info and reservations by 18:00 of the previous day, by calling 0583 950596, or via e-mail by writing to Group max 15 people.


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