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Urban trekking 2021

Urban trekking 2021

76 towns of 17 regions all together for the National Urban Trekking Day, the annual appointment for #locals & #tourists to get to know more and (re) discover the most hidden and unknown treasures, the most evocative views, famous characters and unusual curiosities of Italian cities at a slow pace.

An experience for everyone with pleasant and unexpected surprises this year.


An insane insanity. Discovering the area through its bizarre characters


is the theme of the 2021 edition.

A pleasant autumn walk through the streets and squares of Lucca illuminated by the evening lights in the company of famous and bizarre characters who have made the history of this "little Republic", projecting it outside its famous city walls.

Leaders, merchants, saints and artists, architects and ladies, genius characters, composers, poets, writers ... there are many "celebrities" who gave notoriety and honour to Lucca and its territory.

Historical events, heroic deeds, curiosities and anecdotes of extraordinary people from Lucca, are often told by locals in the squares, alleys and more or less known places of the city.

Particular skills with weapons and in the art of warfare gave Castruccio Castracani a boundless reputation as a brave and lethal warrior. When he wasn't busy in a battle, he used to live barricaded in his fortress. But where are the remains of the imposing and legendary Augusta located?


Torre guinigi by night


Leading exponent of one of the most important merchant and banker families in the city, Paolo Guinigi was a famous Lord of Lucca. His dream of a great Renaissance court came true with palaces and towers, luxury and patronage. A real businessman with a lively public and private life, who went down in history and the glory of the city also for the masterpiece of fifteenth-century sculpture preserved in the cathedral of San Martino, dedicated to the memory of the beautiful young woman he married in a second marriage.

A brilliant 16th century businessman? An important Gonfalonier of the Republic of Lucca? Or even one of the inspirers of the Risorgimento principles of freedom and independence? In the city’s central square of Piazza San Michele, also the monument that portrays the severe and thoughtful Francesco Burlamacchi does not go unnoticed.


From the "insane insanity" of powerful and ambitious men to the "saint insanity" of two humble popular women.


Santa Zita is the kind and devoted maid who lived in the 13th century and was buried in the Fatinelli Chapel of the San Frediano Basilica. Other places in the city remind the little saint of flowers, protagonist of extraordinary miracles to help the poor and needy.

Exceptional spiritual qualities were also Saint Gemma Galgani's strength. In Lucca the simple houses where she spent her youth and the last years of her life are now small sanctuaries that preserve her memories and objects.

At the end of this ideal path, in front of the house where she died, there is the fourteenth-century church of S. Maria della Rosa with its characteristic right side in Gothic style where the saint used to go to pray.


basrelief with the santa zita well


This guided tour, organized in collaboration with Turislucca, Lucca Info& Guide and Coop La Giunchiglia, is free and lasts about 2 hours.

The meeting point is at Cortile degli Svizzeri of Palazzo Ducale at 8:00 pm, 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm (1 group each turn).


For Info and reservations:

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