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verdemura poster 2023


From the San Regolo bulwark, to the La Libertà bulwark, along the curtain walls to the Lucca Botanical Garden.

VerdeMura is the first of the great gardening market exhibitions with over 170 Italian and foreign exhibitors: nurseries of plants and horticultural species, shrubs, bulbs, tools and furnishings for the garden and vegetable garden and excellent artisan products and a rich program.


The protagonists of the 2023 edition are the camellia flowers


countless shapes and colors and aromas... to drink! In fact, the tea plant (camellia sinensis) is a camellia plant and some specimens can be found in the Botanical Garden.
Also at the Botanical Garden, in the basement of the San Regolo bulwark, an exhibition of cut flowers will be set up with hundreds of specimens, different varieties that come from all over the area and mainly from Villa Reale in Marlia.

In addition to the historic Lucca cultivars, there will also be new species recently discovered in the unexplored territories of Laos and Vietnam and recently introduced into cultivation in Europe.

The camellia exhibition also continues in the historic avenues of the Botanical Garden and, quite exceptionally, also in the gardens of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation, where dozens of ancient and modern specimens are kept, as well as the tea plant which, withstanding the terrible frosts of 1985, gave rise to the first Italian tea plantation in Sant'Andrea di Compito.

Next to the camellias, the orchard with ancient fruits, a new educational garden dedicated to local fruit plants.


Bouganvillea and Roses


an unusual pairing, from Brazil to the Mediterranean lands, exotic bougainvilleas with strong colours, domestic and familiar roses, in mottled varieties including the line dedicated to impressionist painters, who imitated their colours.


And finally, fruits!


There are many nurseries that bring excellence and curiosities to Lucca. Dennis Botanic Collection with berries and ancient Piedmontese fruits. The Ramassin d'la fog plum with yellow-green flesh, the Tomin summer pear with a greenish-yellow skin that are harvested around the last ten days of July, the Graffione Bianco duracina cherry, light yellow in color with red hues, the vinous red Magnana apple that ripens around the end of October, beginning of November.


Young Gardening


Start young in the space dedicated to children with 14 creative and playful activities (free admission up to 14 years of age, accompanied by an adult)

Verdemura tickets are on presale on ticketone