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Submitted by Kathrin on 4. April 2022


Walking on the city walls on ancient stones, in the gardens, by the lake, in the countryside or in the city, on the first warm days in the nature. The perfect detox walk can be made in the Piana di Lucca area, through fresh and colorful blooms.
Alone, with your friends or with the entire family, relax is guaranteed!


At the Botanical Garden, in the heart of the city

"The most precious garden of Lucca" in this period shows off exuberant and fascinating blooms. Rhododendrons with warm orange and purple tones and its sweet fragrances, the collection of camellias with seductive shades of pink and red. The precious Camellia Sinensis, the tea plant, with white and delicate flowers, also blooms at the Botanical Garden just below the city walls. A walk into biodiversity to discover rare species from other worlds and the Mediterranean flora of the nearby Mount Pisano.


 little lake of the botanical garden of lucca -


The city walls in different colours

Winter is finally over and the "very monument" of Lucca is wearing spring clothes, light and bright, of a thousand shades. White daisies and yellow wild buttercups. Small, affectionate white and pink crocuses peep out from the grassy knolls.

Flowers also on the curtain walls with splashes of blue and purple of forget-me-nots and bunches of muscari bells. Violet for clovers and lamio. Waiting for the blooming of orchids, mallow and chicory to give a touch of joy to the classic walk on the ancient tree-lined avenues.


the walls of Lucca in spring -


Princely street blooms.

In the footsteps of Elisa Bonaporte Baciocchi we can follow the fragrant path of the magnolias of viale Garibaldi, in the historic center of Lucca, an attraction to see and smell their perfume while walking through the streets of the city.

The splendid and rare soulangeane, much loved by the princess of Lucca, at the beginning of March generously indulge themselves for a few weeks with elegant-looking flowers and petals of various shades from white to soft pink to bright pink to lilac and purple. On sunny days they light up giving a breathtaking show that is repeated every year to invite us to go out into the open air.


magnolias in corso garibaldi in lucca -


Immerse yourself in a sea of ​​camellias

At the peak of flowering, in March, the Camelieto in Sant’Andrea di Compito, at the foot of Mount Pisano, is transformed as if by magic into an enchanting palette of colors. Wrapped in the green of the forest, thousands of camellias alternate, with chromatic games, shades of red, white and pink, soft and bright.

The japonica, the Higo and many other specimens allow themselves to be contemplated in the silence of nature between canyons carved into the rock, with different views and the sweet sound of streams. A fairytale place and one of the rare examples in the world of a garden of excellence, a must for oriental flower lovers.


camellia in bloom -


On the hunt for wild orchids

A camera or smartphone is a must (many species are protected!) at the Dante Pass, between Lucca and Pisa, in search of the mythical orchids. From the village of Santa Maria del Giudice, looking at the profile of Moriglion di Penna, go up path 00 through a small and winding but easy road that climbs up to the pass.

Here, with a little attention, you can see these little treasures surrounded by the landscape of the Mediterranean scrub that opens up to our eyes. A small effort rewarded by a unique view that stretches to the sea and delighted by a snack with the excellent local products for refreshment.




Between the lake and the old railway line

The little bells, the small and romantic wood lanterns, in white and yellow hues, brighten the meadows along the shores of Lake Gherardesca in Castelvecchio di Compito, in the Capannori Marshes. At every step, other spontaneous blooms such as brooms, a symbol of eternal love, accompany the walk around the beautiful stretch of water where the love songs of birds that arrive punctually every year can be heard.

From there, going through the fields and skirting the Visona stream, an easy path leads to the still intact tunnel of the old Lucca-Pontedera railway line where the anenome nemorosa, with its candid tones, seduces with intense colors.