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Lucca invites you to its parlours and alleys in 12 appointments with its history, secrets and curiosities during this holiday season.

The idea is to do it all together, both residents and guests, so as to share the beauty of the city during this festive period, in the magical atmosphere of the end of the year, even in English.


Once again the Cavallerizza in Lucca welcomes a major exhibition signed by Vittorio Sgarbi.

An evocative itinerary hosted in a city that experiences several epochs at the same time where Neoclassicism was able to express itself thanks to great artists, architects and urban planners.

Antonio Canova made the decisive technical and intellectual experiences that rendered him the greatest exponent of an art, i. e. the sculpture, whose primacy was restablished by Neoclassicism after the glorious period of Renaissance.


We will take you to discover the small but precious treasures of the Romanesque Art, nature and landscapes of Lucca's hills.

5 hikes along the paths of the minor Romanesque historical artistic heritage, discovering monasteries, parishes and hermitages of the hills.

5 hikes, from November the 5th to December the 10th

Every Sunday morning a walk with a nature guide to learn about and experience the beauty of these places teeming with history, art and traditions.


Hikes calendar:


The basic info and a few tips for a peaceful Lucca Comics & Games.


The Apps

Created by the Luccasenzabarriere association for Android and iOS, this free app is a real accessibility vademecum for planning your stay at Lucca Comics & Games in peace.
Inside you can find all the indications on the presence or absence of architectural barriers and other useful information, to be able to visit and experience our territory in total peace.


Among the novelties 2023 arrives the official APP of Lucca Comics & Games: LuccaCG23 Assistant.

A practical travel companion, which can also be used offline, designed to allow the community to fully enjoy the magic of the festival and its countless events.

LuccaCG23 Assistant was born as an amateur project of some fans of Lucca Comics & Games to allow them to disentangle themselves among the thousands of activities available during the event, perfectly embracing the spirit of TOGETHER, the claim of this edition.


Inauguration of the exhibitions at the Doge's Palace: extraordinary contemporary artists between comics, illustration, visual suggestions, and exploration of underground culture. From the masters of international comics to artistic achievements linked to the world of the fantastic, from illustration to visions deeply connected with the classical art world.

Thanks to the exhibition routes set up in various historical buildings in the heart of Lucca, visitors will be able to approach the work of extraordinary artists and discover the greatness of their works.


It takes place at night but it is a trek in colour!

 This is Urban Trekking 2023, the national event of which Lucca is one of the first supporters, which has always offered special occasions, scheduled for 31 October in the historic centre of Lucca. 

Practices of sustainability through the centuries is the theme of this year's event, which will take participants to get to know Lucca's best-loved historical monument.



The City walls of Lucca are ready to open the settembre lucchese event, celebrating flowers before the autumn comes.

Murabilia, a quality gardening market exhibition, is one of the most important Italian events dedicated to flowers, plants and gardening on the San Regolo and La Libertà bastions, as well as in the Botanical Garden.


An exciting event between the real and a virtual world between the green of the city walls of Lucca and the colors of Monet's paintings.

The masterpieces of the father of French Impressionism come to life in your eyes, giving you a 360° journey through the art of Claude Monet.
A journey between the real, the marvelous city walls of Lucca, and the virtual, the most famous works of Claude Monet.


Become Claude Monet for a day!


100 years of Italian Air Force

The blue of the Italian air force and the tricolor of the Italian flag are the colors chosen for the poster of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Italian Air Force. A program with meetings, exhibitions and events from 1 to 30 September at the Cavallerizza in Piazzale Verdi.

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